Why Purchase Our Kettlebells?

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Compare one of Kettlebells NZ’s kettlebells (on the left) to one of our competitors.  We think our kettlebells are the best you can get in New Zealand.  If you compare our kettlebell to one of our competitors kettlebells on the right you should see some key differences.

The kettlebell handle should have a smooth even finish, otherwise ridges, edges and rough areas will rip the users hands when doing exercises like swings & snatches making exercise uncomfortable and inefficient.

The shape of the kettlebell should be oval and not square.  A square type handle prevents two handled exercises as the little fingers get jammed so you end up stopping the exercise because of sore fingers and not the end of the set.

A rubber base is not required and a larger flat base is more stable for exercises like renegade rows or burpees (off the kettlebell).

The handle should be the correct distance from the bell so it can be comfortable used for snatches.  Cheap poorly designed kettlebells make doing exercises like snatches impossible and make holding the kettlebells in rack position very uncomfortable.

Finally, the reason why our kettlebells are the best is because we train with them ourselves and have tested them to ensure they are the best tools for the job.  Other kettlebell retailers just sell kettlebells and because they don’t use them they don’t understand what makes a good or poor kettlebell.  So when you are setting yourself to hit a personal best in kettlebell swings you can be sure that our kettlebells have been used and tested for thousands of reps by us and that the reason you will stop your set is because of fatigue and not ripped hands or banged up wrists from a poorly designed kettlebell. So invest in a quality piece of exercise equipment that is going to last for years and years of use and thousands of repetitions.

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