Kettlebells – Twice the Results in Half the Time!

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If you are looking to Get Fit, Lose Weight or Tone Up those problem areas without drastic dieting, useless training gimmicks and countless hours spent in the gym … then Russian Kettlebell training is for you.

Lets face it, it’s tough to get and stay in shape these days.  Everyone is  busy with work, family, & friends and its so easy to grab that snack food and skip those long exercise sessions.

We can change all that with kettlebells, an exercise tool that Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba & many others are now using to get in shape and stay in shape for their movie roles.

The reason Hollywood celebrities are using kettlebells is because they train the whole body in a minimal amount of time with a program that incorporates cardio, fatloss & resistance training all with one piece of equipment. In fact the well respected American Council of Exercise (ACE) with the University of Wisconsin, tested kettlebell training and determined it provides “Twice the results in half the time”

Yes there are a lot of exercise fads and gimmicks around.  Late night TV is full of shiny gimmicky pieces of equipment which promise results in a few easy minutes a day, but ultimately fail to deliver.

The kettlebell is different.  It has stood the test of time and has been around since the turn of the century.  However, up until recently kettlebells have been hidden away in Russia or the former Soviet bloc to train their Olympic athletes, fighters and Soviet Special Force members.

But now Hollywood celebrities, housewives, mothers, fathers,  in fact males  and females of all ages are starting to use kettlebells to get a more effective training program in a limited amount of time.

So if you are like most people you probably have a few questions about kettlebells which we will hopefully answer below.

 Why should I train with kettlebells?

  • Kettlebell training is time efficient and very effective.  An hour a week gets results and they are ideal for mini 10 -20 minute training sessions.
  • Kettlebells train the whole body, both cardio and with resistance so you look good & feel good.
  • Kettlebell training can be done at home, or anywhere you have a bit of space and time.  You can fit them around your life and not have to travel travel to the gym.
  • Kettlebells can both rehab injuries & develop a more resilient body resistance to training injuries .

Therefore if you are a Mum with a family that wants to lose some of the middle age spread and get back to the physique you had 10-20 years ago but doesn’t have much time to train.

Or perhaps you  are a Dad with a family that wants to lose some of the middle age spread and get back to the physique you had 10-20 years ago but doesn’t have much time to train.

Then what you need is a training tool that can give you maximum results in minimum time, and kettlebells are one of the most efficient & effective types of exercise (along with cross country skiing) you can do, whatever your training goals, as recommended by the American Council of Exercise (ACE).

 Why is kettlebell training more effective than other types of exercise?

  • Kettlebells train the body as a whole unit, the upper body, lower body & core together, how it is designed to be used.
  • Kettlebells train the fast twitch muscle fibers with medium /high reps, especially the thighs & butt,  so you tone up without bulking up
  • Kettlebell interval training maximises EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) thereby keeping your metabolism raised and burning calories long after you have stopped exercising.
  • Kettlebell slow low rep strength exercises focus on he core, building a foundation of functional strength for everyday activities.

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Why should we buy your kettlebells?

  • Our kettlebells are the best quality you can buy in NZ and have been tested and approved by a qualified kettlebell instructor.
  • Cheaper poorly designed kettlebells make doing kettlebell exercises difficult and can damage the hands and wrists.
  • We provide a free downloadable Kettlebell Quick Start Guide along with our kettlebell (with an optional kettlebell training DVD) so you can learn how to use your kettlebell correctly without injuring yourself so you can get the fastest results in the least time.

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 Kettlebells seem ideal for me but what size should I get?

  •  An average size and strength female should start with a 8kg kettlebell
  • A stronger / bigger than average female could start with a 12kg kettlebell in some circumstances
  • An average size and strength man should start with a 16kg kettlebell
  • A stronger / bigger than average man could start with a 20kg kettlebell in some circumstances
  • Only strong athletes should start with a 24kg kettlebell and this will be too heavy for most


The 8kg kettlebell is ideal for the average Female



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The 16kg kettlebell is ideal for the average Male


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