About Kettlebells NZ’s Owners?

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Mike & Jenni Capper are the Managing Directors & owners of Kettlebells NZ Limited (“KBNZ”).

KBNZ was foundered  in 2005 when I (Mike) discovered Russian kettlebells and started using them to help with his power lifting training.  I like a lot of Kiwi’s have always been active, played sports and went to the gym from when I was 17.  However, due to other commitments gym training and power lifitng took a back seat but I continued to use kettlebells because they are ideal for the home trainer who is too busy to train at a gym.

When KBNZ was started it became clear that there was limited, if any decent kettlebell trainers who can help people train with kettlebells.  More and more people were asking me how to use these kettlebells.  So in 2007  I increased my training intensity and  decided to attend Dragondoor’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Kettlebell Instructors course in the United States, becoming the 5th New Zealander to successfully pass this three day intensive kettlebell course under Chief Instructor Pavel Tsatsouline.  Pavel is an ex Russian Forces trainer and kettlebell expert who basically reintroduced kettlebells to the West in 2001 with Dagondoor owner John Ducane.

The RKC instructors course is the leading kettlebell instructor course.  It is not a classroom course and is very practical,  involving you spending most of the day using and learning kettlebell techniques under the watchful eye of your Team Leader, Assistants and the Senior & Master RKC’s.  Along with a strict focus on learning and teaching correct kettlebell technique, there is also a kettlebell snatch test that you must pass to become a RKC kettlebell instructor. To pass the RKC instructor test I had to snatch the 24kg kettlebell 73 times continuously with only one hand swap allowed.  When I re-certified in 2010 the test had changed and although you could swap hands as many times as you liked, and even put the kettlebell down on the ground (not recommended), you had to now snatch the  24kg kettlebell 100 times in 5 minutes.

After reading about the RKC course most people presume I am a full time personal trainer.  However, I am not a 20 something full time fitness trainer with plenty of time to devote to training and nothing much else.  Although a long time ago I worked full time in the fitness industry I actually have a full time office job.  I also have a family and three kids, I coach sports teams, I am on my kids school Board and am now 40 years old.  So I have the same issues as a lot of people in trying to find time to train and fit it in with my busy life.  However, I continue to use and promote kettlebells because I think they are the most efficient form of training and are ideal for busy people who don’t have  a lot of time to train but want to maximise their training in the minimal amount of time.  But don’t just take my work for it as The American Council of Exercise (ACE) did a recent study and confirmed kettlebells are the most efficient training method (with cross country skiing)

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