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Kettlebells NZ Limited is New Zealand’s leading specialised kettlebell retailer supplying fitness enthusiasts, martial artists, home gym trainers, personal trainers & ordinary Kiwi’s who just want to get in shape with New Zealand’s largest range of top quality kettlebells.

Kettlebells NZ (“KBNZ”) was foundered early in 2005 by Mike & Jenni Capper.  Back in 2005 almost nobody had heard of kettlebells, especially in New Zealand, and KBNZ basically arose out of Mike’s desire to improve his own training for powerlifting as he had competed in a few local and regional competitions.  After much research on how to make these strange cast iron kettlebells, at first for himself, it became clear that other New Zealanders may also be interested in these strange pieces of training equipment so KBNZ began selling the odd kettlebell through a website, basically to help cover manufacturing costs.

KBNZ has since gone through many different kettlebell designs, always looking to improve its product.  Whereas other sports companies have come onto the kettlebell scene they don’t have KBNZ specialised knowledge and the benefit of Mike’s kettlebell raining qualifications so the result is that New Zealand now has a lot of cheaper inferior kettlebells that are difficult to use and ultimately result in poor training and less than optimal workouts.

When KBNZ started its mission was to promote and sell only the best quality kettlebells and other products that allow trainees to have the best workouts possible.  Whereas our competitors cut corners to make more money you can rest assured that since we ourselves use kettlebells we will only sell quality products that we are happy to train with ourselves.

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