Kettlebells Unleashed DVD Feedback

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I highly recommend the kettlebell training DVD as the instructors were fully knowledgeable in their craft and demonstrated each technique entirely rather than rushing through as many exercises as possible. Highlights included the thorough explanations with ‘incorrect techniques shown’ and front and side angle takes on each technique to show good posture and practice.

Adrian G

Kettlebell Workshop Feedback

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Hi Mike

I have been meaning to write something since the course so here goes…

Like a number of the other guys I was “self taught” – I’d had the kettlebells for six months prior to going to the course. And as it turns out, like most of the other “self-taught” guys, I wasn’t doing the swing right.

Also, I was doing quite a limited number of exercises. The course helped with exercises including warm-up and shoulder flexibility through to better kettle bell technique.

Since kettles are my home gym the course has been a huge help. The trainer is very capable and nice to learn from somebody who can swing the big weights and do the hard moves!

I definitely consider this money well spent.

Thank you for sending the manual through, it is really helpful


Kettlebells NZ Workshop Feedback

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Hi Mike,

Meant to send this a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our workshop. Took me a couple of days to get over it and we have been away for a week, but back into it now.

The difference has been subtle but noticeable. Definitely getting more work from the hamstrings with the swings and I am enjoying my TGU’s now that there is no pressure on my knees. Can knock out 10 snatches on the 24’s without breaking my wrist and have been bouncing up the hills on my runs lately.

Still keen to get the pistols sorted. I have just printed off the article from the website, so will work on that.

Cheers Graham

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