40kg Kettlebell – Serious Strength Tool

It is pretty obvious that kettlebells 40kg or heavier are seriously heavy objects that take some serious strength and dedicated training to use.

As well as being heavy, which is even more of an issue when they are used for high speed exercises like swings and snatches, they are also big and bulky which is another challenge that dedicated strength athletes will need to overcome.

Although strictly pressing a 40kg kettlebell is a goal very few people will ever achieve these heavy kettlebells can be used for other exercises like two arm swings, farmers walks, deadlifts or goblet squats by serious trainers who may typically use a 32kg for most of their training.

The core strength and grip strength developed from using the 40kg for double hand swings and other strength type  exercises will typically carry over to your other kettlebell work and often result in Personal bests and with the 32kg and other smaller sized kettlebells.

So although you may never press the 40kg kettlebell it is a very useful tool for the serious kettlebell trainer to develop a base of strength that will benefit your other kettlebell training and and fitness goals.   [add_to_cart item=”40kb” ]


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