16kg Kettlebell – Ideal Male Starter Size Kettlebell

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Most new Male kettlebell users are not familiar with kettlebell techniques, particularly the fast tempo swing and snatch.  This size is ideal in most cases to provide enough resistance for impressive strength gains but also not be too intimidating at the start.

Because kettlebells are both a strength and fitness tool the 16kg is ideal to build strength for the beginner kettlebell trainer and then be used for higher rep strength endurance / circuit workouts when the trainer becomes fitter, stronger and a more advanced kettlebell lifter. Even intermediate users will use a 16kg kettlebell for moderate to high rep workouts.

So if you are ready to burn fat and build an athletic body in record time then start now with a 16kg kettlebell for only $107.


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If you want to add the “Kettlebells Unleashed” DVD to your order at the discounted price of $37 (normally $47) please use the drop down arrow above and select – Add DVD, and click the “Add to Cart” button and this ill be added to your order

The Kettlebells Unleashed DVD is a 45 minute instructional DVD by RKC instructors Mike Capper & Paul White that teaches you how to to correctly perform the key kettlebell movements as taught by Pavel Tsatsouline’s Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Instructor course.

The following exercises demonstrations are included;

  • Two Arm Swing
  • One Arm Swing
  • Kettlebell Deadlift
  • Kettlebell Clean & Press
  • Windmill
  • Turkish Get Up
  • Overhead Snatch & much more

There are also details of common errors when performing the key exercises, tips and drills to correct these errors so you can workout safely and learn effective exercise technique to accelerate your progress.

The DVD also includes an innovative split screen camera view of exercises as key exercises were filmed simultaneously with two separate cameras.  This enables the viewer so you can see both a front and side view of exercises at the same time.

It can be beneficial to train with a heavier kettlebell for exercises like Swings & even Get Ups, but sometimes a lighter kettlebell is required for high volume workouts when  you are perfecting your technique on Presses & Kettlebell Snatches.

In such cases having a kettlebell set is very beneficial and our 16kg, 20kg & 24kg set below is very popular as it will accommodate all the requirements of the beginner to intermediate trainer and often a trainee will not require any further kettlebells unless they are doing advanced kettlebell training.  We have included the set below and when the kettlebells are  bought together as a set we have discounted the price.


16kg, 20kg & 24kg Kettlebell Set


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