Are You Tired Of Being Out Of Shape?

Well Now You Can Finally Get Real Results …  Real Fast …With … Kettlebells!

An American Council of Exercise (ACE) research study  showed how Kettlebells are possible the most efficient way to lose weight, build functional strength and get fit fast.

This is nothing new to top Russian Athletes, Fighters and members of the Special Forces who have been training with Kettlebells for decades.  But in the last 5 – 10 years there has been a quiet training revolution as Top Sports Teams, Athletes, Hollywood Celebrities and everyday people discover how brief kettlebell training is highly effective, very efficient, and allows trainees to reach and exceed their training goals in record time.

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Men – Develop a Fighter’s Physique with Kettlebells

If you are looking to strip some fat, build muscle, or develop game winning conditioning with one simple but highly effective exercise tool then kettlebells are for you. It’s tough to get and stay in shape these days.  Everyone is  busy with work, family, & friends and its so easy to grab that snack food…

Ladies – Lose Weight & Tone Up Fast With Kettlebells

If you are looking to lose weight, tone those arms, thighs, and other problem areas, without drastic dieting, useless training gimmicks and countless hours spent in the gym … then Russian Kettlebell training is for you. Lets face it, it’s tough to get and stay in shape these days.  Everyone is  busy with work, family,…

To say I am impressed is an understatement. It is without a doubt the most complete result I have ever done with any exercise equipment. I use the KB for about 6 minutes a day, and it leaves for dead any cardio programmes and free wights programmes. I am feeling stronger every day. Mike, take a bow. These are serious results based pieces of equipment! - Paul Johnson, Christchurch
8kg Kettlebell – Ideal Female Starter Kettlebell

The 8kg kettlebell is often an ideal weight to start with for a female that is new to kettlebells and has not been in recent fitness/strength training. Although trainers can soon progress past the[read more]

Kettlebell Super Set 16kg, 24kg & 32kg

This kettlebell super set is ideal for those home trainers that want a complete workout at home, whether you are training to be super fit, strip off some body fat or to build a strong toned body.  Th[read more]

We have numerous easy and safe ways to purchase and pay for your kettlebell. You can use Paypal if you have a Paypal account. Or you can use your credit card through our integrated Paypal shopping car[read more]

Unleash The Power Of Heavy Kettlebell Training

By Mike Mahler Many people believe light to moderate kettlebell training is ideal, 53lb kettlebells for men and 26lb kettlebells for women. This line of thinking is a great way to miss out on the bene[read more]

The Five Pillars Of Kettlebell Training

By Mike Mahler Many trainees often forget that kettlebells are weights and the rules of effective weight training apply to kettlebell training. Similar to traditional weight training, effective kettle[read more]

16kg Kettlebell – Ideal Male Starter Size Kettlebell

The 16kg kettlebell is the ideal starter kettlebell size for most Males. The 16kg is ideal to build strength for the beginner kettlebell trainer and then be used for higher rep strength endurance / c[read more]

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CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - Excellent quality kettlebell, smooth finish but with great solid grip so no slipping.The best Ive used to date" - Marc Gordon Personal Trainer